Group of 28 Set


Are we locked and loaded with our group?  I sure as hell hope so.

This year we lost some players but we picked up some fresh meat, some veterans who missed last year, and also one who is back after several years off.

welcome-back-kotter-5 copy


Horse (last played in 2009) is back after living in California and moving back, but he finally is able to make the trip again.  TK (New Guy) has been interested for a while and made a strong push for his spot and the time was right.  Knoke (New Guy) is a 1st timer and brings some more CR flavor to the CR/Blaine team.  Mike missed last year to do a wine tasting or something, but the schedule cleared up and he’s back.  Spears is back after a year off of more kids being born.  Steel is back after coaching another team to the brink of the Little League World Series.  Blake (New Guy) joins to make sure the real estate/mortgage quotient is met. The golf season has already started and people have already dusted off the clubs.  Here are your teams of 14 below.


Brand, Karson, Drew, Bersch, TK, Sheetz, Spears, Witt, Melling, Stew, Drew, Luke, Mike, and CJ


Field, Tim, O65, Kunza, Steel, Furnace, Snoren, Mario, Marty, RD, Gres, Knoke, EDY and Blake

Player profiles for those who don’t have one will be coming shortly.

We are only 77 days away.

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Nut Crunching Time


It’s 2015 and “President’s Cup 2015 – Back to Cragun’s” is closer than you think.  Each person has until February 1st to pay the $100 deposit.  If you know you’re going – pay the deposit.  If there is a question as to whether you can go or not – pay and you can be reimbursed if you end up unable to make it.  If you can’t go or don’t want to go let me know ASAP and we will do our best to find someone to fill your spot admirably.

We’ve had 5 people pay the deposit so far, there are 27 days left to do so, or to at least figure out if you are going.  As always I hope you can all make it.


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178 Days Away

We are over half way home to The 13th President’s Cup.  That much closer to the scene of the 1st Rest Of The World victory, Cragun’s.


That time frame might seem like a long ways off still and sure it is, five people have paid the deposit so far so we have some work to do.  They have to be in to Cragun’s by February 1st, only 54 days away.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Contract Signed


Location: Cragun’s Resort – Brainerd, MN

Earliest arrival date: 6/4/15                    Check-out date: 6/7/15

Participants: 32

Package Rate: $460.71 – 3 nights or $395.43 – 2 nights

Deposit: $100 per person by February 1st, 2015 (78 days)

Remaining Balance Due of $360.71 or $295.43 per person is required upon arrival

Deposits can be called in to 1-877-UGOLF18 (1-877-846-5318) or entered online at:   – refer to Melling Golf 2015


  • 2 or 3 Nights lodging
  • 2 or 3 Breakfasts per person
  • 2 or 3 Dinners per person
  • 3 18-hole rounds per person at Cragun’s Legacy Courses
  • Unlimited golf on the Executive Par 3 course
  • Warm-up range balls
  • Heated indoor pool and whirlpool


Hilltop Cabin 690 – 12 beds
Hilltop Cabin 676/677 – 8 beds
Bayview Cabin 678 – 3 beds
Bayview Cabin 680 – 3 beds
Bayview Cabin 682 – 3 beds
Rustic Cabin 693 – 4 beds

Tee Times:

Friday – Bobby’s starting at 9am and Dutch at 3pm

Saturday – Bobby’s starting at 10:30am, Drunken Scramble Dutch at 5pm ($45 not included in package rate)


202 Days Away

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It really has been the “Year of Drew”.  A President’s Cup win really started things off.  He then captained a successful defense of the Golfmania championship against the DGA by capping the day with a one hole playoff victory over their captain Freske for the whole ball of wax.  But it really all came together this weekend.  He started off the OHO with a gross (in more ways than one) 50.  He entered the final 18 holes 9 shots back, with 6 people in front of him, at +8.  He could not be phased and went out and took care of business shooting a net 67 to finish the tournament at +3 and a 2 shot victory.


Not everybody had as great of a time at the OHO as Drew did, 27 holes in a day is tough on some.


We are 248 days away.

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259 Days Away

The deposit has been made on the 2015 President’s Cup.  Cragun’s has begun their preparations for our arrival.  With Labor Day come and gone most of you have put the clubs away, if they even came out this year.

The OHO Championship is only 9 days away.  If you are still playing golf this will probably be your swan song.  There are the usual die-hards that go well into the fall but doesn’t seem to be much of this group these days.


The weather has been pretty good so go play a few times if you can.

Remember the event this year is June 4-7.  Put it on your calendars if you plan to make it.

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Match Play Success and 2015 President’s Cup is Booked!


Yesterday was another day of match play for some 8 participants of the President’s Cup.  They took on the DGA in the 3rd annual Golf Bonanza Matches.  Let’s just say it was one for the ages and one man cemented his status as a golf legend.


The day started out in what can only be called at “2-man match throttling” by the OH Golf League.  With 8 matches of 3 points each the OHer’s took 18 of the 24 available points.  A “no way we lose this” attitude over took the very confident players.  A bus/car ride from Stoneridge to Stillwater C.C. and a lengthy break showed in the afternoon singles matches.


With only 18 points necessary of 48 available points to retain the championship (tie goes to the current champ) the outcome seemed inevitable.  The DGA had much different ideas and came back with a vengeance.  Of the 1st 6 matches to finish in the afternoon the One Hitters had given up the 12 point lead and it was all tied up (gross!).  Thankfully the rest came to play.  It was all in doubt until the final group came to the 18th green.  With the OHL needing a big 5.5 points of 6, they mustered 5.  The score 36-36 tie.


But that wasn’t quite good enough.  A playoff was determined for supreme golf league status.  Who would play though?  How about team captains playing the 10th hole straight up for all the marbles (oh and $1280), Drew vs. Freske?  Sounds good to everyone involved.  From the fairway 250 yards away from the tee, cheers rained down as Drew striped the right side of the fairway leaving himself about 130 yards to a severely difficult green, sloping back to front.  Freske was up to the challenge and only missed the fairway by about 2 yards left, but also came to rest in a small divot.  He had about 135 yards left.  Freske calmly landed his approach in the middle of the green but the ball released to the back coming to rest barely in the rough.  Drew, with ice waters in his veins, made the swing of the 2014 golf year and dropped his ball in the middle of the green about 25 feet left of the pin.  Freske was 1st to play and was obviously tentative due to the severe downslope, he left himself about 8 feet short of the flag, still putting down hill.  Drew put his stamp on the day by nearly draining his putt and leaving himself a few inches for tap in, punctuating it with a yell of “GO IN!”.  Freske had his 8 footer to tie and go more holes, but the pressure was too much and the One Hitters roared and a legend was born with not a minute left of sunlight.  A great event, I recommend playing next year if you can swing it.


2015 President’s Cup has been booked.  Dates will be June 4-7, 2015.  Packages for the weekend are as follows.

  • 3 nights lodging in cabins, everybody has their own bed
  • 3, 18-hole rounds of golf with cart at Craguns Legacy Courses (Dutch & Bobby’s Legacy)
  • 3 Breakfasts
  • 3 Dinners
  • Range balls
  • overnight club storage
  • personalized bag tags
  • $432+tax per person ($461.70 total)
  • 2 night, 3 round option: $370+tax ($395.43)


Mark your calendars and if you aren’t going let me know.  Deposits are due for a while so you have time to figure things out.  303 days away.

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