2015 Shirts Are In

The Prezzy Cup World Headquarters received a package the other day.

  It’s hard to see but there is a President’s Cup Trophy on the front.  Colors were not right.  They look better in person, slightly.

And the year and location are on the sleeve.

The company screwed them up and did them wrong and they aren’t going to fix them for me.  We got them and you should be getting them Thursday/Friday of The President’s Cup.

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Friday Matches Are Set!

The number in parentheses is the number of shots the player or team gets.


2-Man Best Ball – Friday June 5th – AM – Bobby

9:00 EDY (15) & RD (10) vs. Drew (3) & Mike

9:10   Steel (3) & Tim (2) vs. Brand & TK (7)

9:20   Mario & Snoren (7) vs. Horse (2) & Stew

9:30   Marty (3) & Gres vs. Melling (1) & CJ (16)

9:40   Kunza & Furnace (22) vs. Sheetz (6) & Spears (8)

9:50   O65 (1) & Knoke (10) vs. Witt (11) & Bersch

10:00 Field (3) & Blake vs. Karson (2) & Luke (4)


2-man Scramble – Friday June 5th – PM – Dutch

3:00   Furnace/EDY (5) vs. Mike/CJ

3:10   Steel/Snoren (1) vs. Sheetz/Witt

3:20   Tim/RD (.5) vs. Drew/Luke

3:30   Marty/Knoke (3) vs. Spears/Horse

3:40   Gres/Kunza vs. Melling/Brand (1)

3:50   O65/Field vs. Bersch/Stew (1)

4:00   Mario/Blake (.5) vs. Karson/TK

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President’ Cup Gaming Bundle

2015 gambling bundle

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Setting Up President’s Cup Matches

Next Tuesday, May 19th, it goes down.  We’ll get the ball rolling and figure out who plays who for the first two rounds of the President’s Cup.  If you care who you play or who you will be playing with you should be there, Bunker Hills approximately @ 730pm.


Friday AM (4-ball/2-man team) matches – Bobby’s

Tried and true format that we have done in all years but one.  Next Tuesday after golf league, (8 days from today) we will meet and each team throws out their pairings.  Handicaps will adjust on June 1st and necessary changes will be made.  If anybody is driving up Friday morning of the President’s Cup, please notify me and we can make sure you aren’t the 1st group off that day.

Friday PM (2-man Scramble) matches – Dutch’s

Last year we went back to 2-man scramble matches.  Except for Snoren and Field (Sheetz/Witt buzz saw), I think everyone liked it.  This is how it will be done.  Team handicaps will be determined by adding the two players handicaps together and dividing by 2.  Each team shows their 2-man teams and they will be matched  according to similar handicaps.  This prevents any dramatic swing in strokes for one 2-man team compared to their opponents.  These matchups will be set up next Tuesday also.

Tee times will be set according to where people teed off in the morning.  We’ll make sure nobody has to make the quick switch from last group to first group.


20120601_230252Saturday Indy matches – Bobby’s

Tried and true format, again.  Each team throws out names and lets the other team determine their opponent.  This is usually done in a chaotic manner, after last years subdued affair I can’t put my finger on how it will go.  Most likely at a yet-to-be-determined location on Friday night, possibly while waiting for dinner in the clubhouse or back at the cabins.

Drunken Scramble

Organized by The Commissioner of Gaming post President’s Cup.

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The un-Official start to The President’s Cup – The Thursday Round

It’s been the un-Official start to the President’s Cup, mainly because it isn’t mandatory that you be there and isn’t part of the President’s Cup Scoring.  But based on turnout over the last several years, people are almost viewing it as a “can’t miss” part of the weekend.


The Classic at Madden’s here we come – 31 days away!

Anybody who has participated in the President’s Cup knows that the weekend really does begin on Thursday at a course near our destination.  This year it’s no different with June 4th being the kickoff at one of the best courses in the state of MN.

The Steel/Karson round(s) have been secured.  Some crazy people played 45 holes on Thursday last year in route to 111 holes for a 3 day period, which is still mind-numbing.  But as a famous someone said last year, “this is a golf trip, not a sit on the couch trip”, so get your golf on guys.


The 1st Tee Times start at 11:30-12:20 and the second round 4:30-5:20.  There’s room for 24 guys each round.  You can play in one or both.

Let Karson know by May 18th of your intentions.  The teams for each round will be determined once Karson gets the final numbers pulled together.

The cost for the early round is $106 w/cart, you can walk if you’re into that sort of thing for $86.  They have caddies if you are interested as well.  The afternoon round is $59 replay rate or $81 if that’s your first round of the day.  Sheetz may be able to secure some coupons that would reduce the cost of golf for the day for people.

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Primer – Cragun’s Legacy Courses

We’ve been here before for the President’s Cup, but I don’t think its fresh in everybody’s memories and we have new players that may never have been here.  We put The President’s Cup Drone to work for some good aerial shots to get you excited.

We’ll be starting out Friday morning and playing Saturday on Bobby’s Legacy.  It’s a par 73 at 6,225 yds, with one more par 5 than usual.  In match play that can be critical.  Bobby’s has an intriguing hole on the back 9, #13 provides the player with a choice to make. (click the picture to blow it up)


You can play from two separate tees.  It will be up to the player to choose which tee they want to play.  Go For It! and carry your tee shot 250 yds over Legacy Lake or play the safe way and play short iron into the green.

The finishing stretch should be a lot of fun.  With the final 5 holes playing along Legacy Lake.  With a long par 4 and par 3, a short 300 yd par 4, a par 4 with carry over water and a menacing par 5 with hazard in play on every shot. (Click the picture below for a better view)  There should definitely be drama here.


Dutch’s Legacy is a great Scramble course and that is where we will be playing all of our scrambles (Drunken Scramble will here as well) for the President’s Cup.  With 6 par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s opportunities abound for birdies (eagles?!?) and blow ups.  It’s a par 72 at 6,348 yds.

Much like Bobby’s it has a great finishing stretch with 3 par 5’s in the last 5 holes with most holes playing along hazards. (click below for a little flavor)  Note: On hole #14 we will be playing to the left green.


Well, there is a little more on the courses we will be playing in 34 days.  The courses are pretty awesome.  The service last time we were there was top notch also.  I hope this gives you  a better feel for what to expect and gets you excited for what we have in store.

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Important things for the coming weeks


We are less than 50 days away.  It will go by quickly so here is some information and important dates to keep in mind.

  • If you haven’t, get your handicap set up
  • If you play some golf, post your scores
  • May 19th after the OHO Golf League (32 days away) we will set the Friday June 5th Matches
    • Friday AM 2-man best ball matches will be set up with each team throwing out their two-somes
    • Friday PM 2-man scramble matches will be set by matching up similar handicaps
  • Saturday individual matches will be set Friday night at the Prezzy Cup, post golf
  • Thursday golf, the un-official start to the Prezzy Cup, is being played at the Classic at Madden’s this year on June 4th. Give Karson a shout if you want in.
  • Anybody who hasn’t paid Cragun’s in full will be expected to pay their remaining balance when they check-in
  • We will be paying for the gambling bundle via PayPal again this year.  A separate email will come out shortly about that.  It will be $65 per player.


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