30 days for the deposit

We are less than 30 days from owing our deposits to Cragun’s. I’ve heard from a handful that they have already taken care of this objective. The link and phone # is in the previous post so just scroll down to get the appropriate information.

There is some really good news to report as well. EDY is back, he was out last year but couldn’t be gone for too long so make sure and welcome him back.

The group currently sits at 23 golfers with some invites currently still out. The minimum # is going to be 24 with 28 being the max. Several people have been asked that did not go last year, and many have had to decline for various reasons.

We are only 134 days away from playing in the 2018 President’s Cup.

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It’s Deposit Time

The end of 2017 is almost here. You can see it if you look hard enough. In the President’s Cup world that means deposits need to start getting paid.

The total amount for the 2018 President’s Cup at Cragun’s is $632.43 including tax. For that amount you will get 5 rounds of golf, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts and 3 nights in the cabins. There is a minimum $100 deposit due by February 15th. Use this link https://www.craguns.com/golf/group-deposits/ or call this # 877.846.5318 (deposits) and refer to Melling Golf 2018 when paying. The remaining balance you owe will be billed to your credit card 10 days prior to arrival.

We are 164 days away. Get your schedule’s figured out, pay your deposit and watch these 5 and a half months fly by. If things become clearer and you are out let me know ASAP.

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President’s Cup 2018 Location Change

Based on some confusion and a lack of lodging options the 2018 President’s Cup destination is changing. Iowa is off until a future year and we are heading back to a favorite of many, Cragun’s Resort.

The package we have includes 5 rounds of golf, 3 nights lodging, 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners, the cost will be approximately $630 after tax. We’ve got 2 of their new Bayview Villas (sleeps 24 in their own beds) and a couple smaller cabins close by to fit the group.

239 days until tee off.

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President’s Cup 2018 Location Set

Iowa here we come. The home state of the Cyclones, Hawkeyes, Panthers, Knights, The Field of Dreams, corn, pigs and Sheetz will play official host to the 16th President’s Cup from May 31 thru June 3.

Here is the plan:

Thursday – For those who can do it, play golf in the afternoon at the Tournament Club of Iowa. Play as much as you’d like. Tee times will be set up for around 1pm. Additional rounds can be had afterwards.

Friday – A charter bus will pick us up in the morning at the hotel (Boulders Inn – Polk City) and drive us to The Harvester Golf Club for 36 holes of President’s Cup action. The charter bus will then bring us back to the hotel.

Saturday – We will get back out on the Tournament Club of Iowa for our Individual Matches and the Drunken Scramble afterwards for those who want it.

The hotel is holding 2 queen rooms for us, so you will be pairing up with someone. The hotel will have a continental breakfast each morning.

Details and specifics are still being ironed out, but we are about 75% complete. More information about final pricing will be available in the not too distant future. Estimated costs for 72 holes, 3-nights lodging and charter bus is ~$605.

New Official Ambassador

With all of our locations we have an Official Ambassador. They either hail from the area, spend significant time there or just get the title because they deserve it. Well the Official Ambassador for Iowa fits all those categories. He has long lobbied for the Prezzy Cup to make its way to Iowa and his wish has been granted. Sheetz is the guy to go to with any questions you may have about the state, town(s), golf courses or entertainment. Please feel free to reach out to him at any time.

281 Days Away!

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Tough to beat!

Hey guys what can you say.  The weather was awesome, the courses were in pretty darn good shape and the alcohol flowed like the mighty Mississippi.

Thursday was great at The Wilderness.  Most played 27 holes and then headed to the casino.  The casino took its toll on many as there was no 3z-4z the whole weekend, that may be a President’s Cup first.

The Calcutta still happened.

The drive Friday morning was tough for some.  There was little talking in most of the vehicles from what I was told.  We all made it to the Quarry on time and even had some time to spare.

The 1st group out Friday set the tone for the weekend with Kunza & Gres getting 3 pts for CR/Blaine.  Both of them would be in Player of the Cup discussion come Friday night.  After 4 matches were complete in the morning The Rest of the World held a slim 1 point advantage.  But the teams of Tim & JK and E & Gern came through for 6 pts and a commanding 5 point lead (11.5 to 6.5) heading into Friday afternoon.

The Rest of the World wasn’t going to let the chance of a 4-peat go down without a fight.  Brand & Melling put on a dominating performance with a gross 64 in the 2-man scramble taking all 3 pts.  Drew & Luke, Hoss & Stew and Bersch & CJ got 3 pts, 2 pts and 2.5 pts respectively and the President’s Cup would come down to Saturday Individual Matches to determine the winner.  Friday was finished with the CR/Blaine team up 19 to 17.

Friday night happened.  People were looking for shuttles to pick up the group and head to town.  People hung out in a bedroom and others went to bed.

Saturday we shifted to The Legend.  The skies were a little gray in the morning with a sprinkle or two before we teed off.  But by the time the last group went off we were in sunshine.

CR/Blaine stormed out to huge lead in the 1st two 4-somes winning everything.  They got 11.5 pts out of those groups and never looked back.  The Rest of the World mounted what ended up being a fruitless comeback getting 14 of the final 24 points, but in the end the fellas from CR/Blaine were the better team on this weekend.  And the Cup was theirs.  Final Score – 40.5 to 31.5.

Your Player of the Cup, with a dominating performance was Kunza, getting all 9 points.

The Drunken Scramble happened, who knows what the winning score was.  It certainly wasn’t this guys team.

It may have been this group, who knows.

It was a great year.  The weather was amazing, my leg looks like its finally healing up from the 30+ bug bites.  All 24 of you are welcome back in 2018.  The planning has begun, it’s down to 2 locations and numbers are being crunched as this is being typed.  Thanks for everything guys and I really appreciate you playing some golf with me last weekend.

Friday AM
Kunza/Gres 3 Hoss/Luke 0
Mario/Field 1.5 Drew/Brand 1.5
O65/Snoren 0 Sheetz/Witt 3
Marty/Steel 1 Stew/Melling 2
Tim/JK 3 Bersch/Spears 0
E/Gern 3 Dave/CJ 0
Total 11.5 6.5
Friday PM
Steel/Mario 0 Melling/Brand 3
Gres/Field 3 Sheetz/Dave 0
O65/JK 0 Drew/Luke 3
Snoren/Tim 1 Hoss/Stew 2
Marty/Gern 0.5 Bersch/CJ 2.5
Kunza/E 3 Spears/Witt 0
Total 7.5 10.5
Saturday Indy
O65 3 CJ 0
JK 3 Dave 0
Mario 2.5 Spears 0.5
Marty 3 Witt 0
Steel 0 Hoss 3
Snoren 2 Bersch 1
E 1.5 Luke 1.5
Field 1 Stew 2
Gres 0.5 Brand 2.5
Gern 1.5 Drew 1.5
Kunza 3 Sheetz 0
Tim 0.5 Melling 2.5
Total 21.5 14.5
Match Total 40.5 31.5

358 days away!

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Can you see it?!?

It’s almost here.  Pack up those cars, shine up those clubs and get ready for some golf.  We’ll see most of you tomorrow and the rest on Friday morn’.

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Rain gear might not be needed

He has spoken.  The Official Weatherman of The President’s Cup comes in with the weather forecast and some Friday match predictions.  Here you go.

Well it’s that time of year when most people are depressed heading back into work this morning, but not this crew who will be on the road in 46hours heading up to my top 5 golfing day of the year, and that’s the annual Thursday round.

This past week i’m sure everyone has been updating accuweather or weather.com to see the recent forecast for Biwabik, and i’m here to tell you that Saturday has the risk as the day goes on, you might get a popcorn shower early afternoon but without humidity in the air, it looks like it’s more of a dry front vs your normal cold front that associates heavy rain.

Thursday- will be perfect, seems like it’s always the best day out of the weekend.  High’s in upper 60s, little south wind around 8mph.

Friday- Early AM tee-times will be the best weather, sunny upper 50’s and NO wind

Friday-Afternoon tee-times will warm up quickly and peak out in the upper 60’s again but wind will be changing direction and this unusual DRY front brings temps down overnight

Sat-morning tee-times will be different, mid to upper 40’s, cloudy and 10-15mph wind gust coming down from the north, but still no rain associated with these times until 3pm or later, you might get rained on for 2-3holes max

Sat-drunk scramble- Still think you’ll get a little rain spit on you, but nothing like we’ve seen in the past, it will be harder to stay warm vs dealing with all round rain.

Overall, bring the usual rain gear, gloves and golf cart cover, but i see no reason everything won’t get completed and that’s including the scramble on Sat.

Predictions for first 2 rounds

2-Man Best Ball – Friday June 2nd – AM – The Quarry  

8:50   Kunza  &  Gres (10) vs. Hoss (7)  &  Luke (6)  –  Hoss/Luke 2/1

9:00   Mario (8)  &  Field (3) vs. Drew (5)  &  Brand  –  Drew/Brand 2.5/.5

9:10   O65  &  Snoren (16) vs. Sheetz  &  Witt (16)  –  Ogs/Snoren 3/0

9:20   Marty (7)  &  Steel vs. Stew (4)  &  Melling (5)  –  Marty/Steel 2/1

9:30   Tim  &  JK (13) vs. Bersch (2)  &  Spears (7)  –  Bersch/Spears 2/1

9:40   E (8)  &  Gern (10) vs. Dave  &  CJ (13)  –  E/Gern 3/0

CR 10.5

Other 7.5

2-man Scramble – June 2nd – PM – The Quarry

2:50   Steel/Mario (1.5) vs. Brand/Melling  –  Brand/Melling 2.5/.5

3:00   Gres/Field (1) vs. Sheetz/Dave  –  Gres/Field 2/1

3:10   O65/JK (1.5) vs. Drew/Luke  –  OGS/JK 1.5/1.5

3:20   Snoren/Tim (1.5) vs. Hoss/Stew  –  Hoss/Stew 2.5/.5

3:30   Marty/Gern (2.5) vs. Bersch/CJ  –  Marty/Gern 3/0

3:40   Kunza/E vs. Spears/Witt (3)  –  Spears/Witt 2/1

CR 19

Other 17

Have fun boys, looks like a great group and some pretty good weather.

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