106 days away!


Here it is, your annual 100 or so days away President’s Cup Update.  With the upcoming weather this weekend, heck the 15 day forecast looks reasonable, you’re probably getting the itch to play golf.  I think there are some people even heading out of town soon to get their fill.

So here’s the update:

The deal is we’ve got lodging booked right now for 16 people.  I’ve got 2 cabins that sleep 12 total and Sheetz/Spears booked a room at the lodge that sleeps 4 and that is filled.  Since some people told me they don’t want to stay in cabins I’ve left it up to you guys for the most part (I’ve booked the cabins) to book your lodging.  I’m not interested in booking all of the options and working to fill them.  It doesn’t seem like many have taken the opportunity to book anything anyways.

I’ll be booking a 3rd cabin by the end of the week, the problem is I’m footing the the upfront on it and need some of you to pay if you plan to stay in one of the cabins, $177 for 2 nights.  If I don’t get any interest, I’ll drop the cabin and let you fend for yourself.  The time is approaching and we need to book things, believe it or not things do fill up.  You’d probably rather have your own bed in a cabin/lodge room than share a bed with one of us.


We’ve lost 5 golfers from last year – Knoke, Horse, RD, Bersch and Blake.  However, we are bringing back five stalwarts who have all been around the block a time or 10 with the President’s Cup – Snoren, O65, Drew, Hoss and Witt.

As always if you are out on this years trip let me know ASAP!

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2017 Lodging Notice

booked-logo-white-lmiI’ve booked lodging and so has …. well nobody else has that I’m aware of.  We are 192 days away from the trip.  By the time we hit December we will be less than 6 months away. Let’s get this finished up.

I’ve got one Villa booked (holds 6 people) and the cost for 2 nights is $177.  There are spots for 3 more people in there.  Let me know if you want to join.

I would recommend booking some lodging quickly.  In years past I’ve booked all the lodging then was left waiting to get paid for months on end.  Also, some people have said they want a hotel style room, so this gives those people that option.

If you know you are going to be able to attend please let me know ASAP.

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2017 President’s Cup Details


Having just come off a golfing bender a week ago at one of the greatest places on earth, Bandon Dunes, it’s hard to believe I’m looking forward to another one, but I am.  Especially after a weekend of great Ryder Cup action in our home state.

The Iron Range will be our destination for the 15th playing of the President’s Cup.  In particular Fortune Bay and the Wilderness for Thursday.  Friday and Saturday we’ll be at Giants Ridge.

Dates are June 1-4, 2017


Fortune Bay/Wilderness will be a Stay and Play option

  • Checking in June 1st – checking out June 2nd
  • 1 round and 1 night $143 (2016 pricing) approx. $200 for 2 rounds and 1 night
  • All would be paid when we get there

Giant’s Ridge

  • Checking in June 2nd – checking out June 4th
  • 3 rounds – $218.75 (lunch on Friday) Drunken Scramble approx. $50 additional
  • 2 nights – $176 for two nights at The Villas (6 people per)
  • Or a little bit more if you choose to stay in the 1 (1 bed), 2 (3 beds), 3 (4 beds) or 4 (6 beds)bedroom condos that are part of The Lodge (hotel at Legend course).  The cost will range between $186-420 for 2 nights.
  • Lodging reserved early, golf paid for while we are there
  • To book lodging contact either facility – The Villas or The Lodge at 1-800-843-7434 or 218-865-4155 – mention the “Scott Melling Group 2017” to get 10% off lodging.  1st night payment is required at booking.
  • I’ll be calling to book a Villa within the next week or so.
  • Golf is paid at the courses the day we play.  Lodging (advanced payment for one night) the rest paid upon arrival.

I’ve heard from one person that they cannot make it in 2017 so far.  If you know you can’t please let me know as soon as possible.  I’d like to have a number of who is in or out as far in advance as possible so we have plenty of time to fill if necessary.

We are 241 days away.

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The 15th President’s Cup Location is Set

The decision has been made. The 2017 President’s Cup will be contested at Giants Ridge. The place where it started will get the honor of hosting this important annual event. The dates to put on your calendar are June 1-4, 2017.


Details have not been finalized but will be in the coming couple months.


Thursday festivities will be at Fortune Bay Casino and The Wilderness. Again, information will follow.

Any questions about this great area of the state please contact our Giants Ridge area Ambassador – EDY.


If you know you won’t be attending please let me know as early as possible.

316 days away.

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#14 is in the books

Letting the brain clear up and the dust settle, I’ve had some time to reflect over the last 2 days.  Looking  back #14 wasn’t much different from all the others.  While the President’s Cup has grown from 16 people in year 1 to as many as 32 in 2011 and has settled in around 28 they all kind of seem alike.  There are members of The Rest of the World who went 9 years with never winning, this writer is one of those guys.  Things have shifted and now there are members of the CR/Blaine team who have lost 3 in a row and 4 of the last 5.  So people are having to deal with defeat several times over that never had to before.

This year also saw the typical weather issues that for the most part have plagued The President’s Cup for its existence.   I can only really remember 3 years where we didn’t have to contend with some bit of rainy weather that impacted a round a little bit.  The effort in playing that much golf in such a short period of time is greatly appreciated (108 holes in 3 days for a lot of you).  So thank you everybody for playing.  As always if you played this year you are welcome to come back for the 15th President’s Cup in 2017.

Now let’s discuss the golf action where I’ll lay out one of the best competitions we’ve ever seen at The President’s Cup.

Everybody who came up on Thursday to play golf enjoyed the best weather of the weekend (as The Official Weatherman of the President’s Cup predicted).  Some of the golf matched the weather with EDY posting a career best round and 4 natural birdies in the afternoon.  Others experienced club throwing and disgust.  It takes a lot out of you.


The Calcutta saw excitement settle over the group as The Commissioner of Gaming took center stage, and Blake felt his wrath.


Friday we loaded up the bus and headed north for some golf and rain and golf and rain.

20160603_075035 20160603_085716

When the dust settled after 7 4-ball matches and 7 2-man scramble matches the teams were knotted at 21 a piece.  This had the feelings of a barn burner and a great Saturday of Individual Match Play golf.

While everyone made it back from Golden Eagle in one piece, the trophy spent the night in the clubhouse. Don’t worry little buddy we came back to get you!!!


Saturday morning people looked to be in better shape than years past, or maybe I just wasn’t paying much attention since I was on trophy recovering duty.

CR/Blaine got out to a fast start, getting 11 of the first 15 pts available from the 1st 5 matches and a 7 pt lead.  Then it was time for The Rest of the World to storm back.


In the next 4 Individual matches they recorded 10.5 of the available 12 pts.  CR/Blaine would not go down quietly as match veterans Steel and Furnace scooped up all 6 available points in their 4-some for CR/B to put them up 1pt.


With one 4-some left on the course Luke and Brand got it done by getting a combined 5.5pts and sending The Rest of the World on to their 3rd straight victory and 4th in the last 5 years.

The Drunken Scramble happened.  A team got to -13, not sure who was on the team.  I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face when I was putting my bag in my car.

Final Score – The Rest of the World 44-40 CR/Blaine

Player of the Cup – Luke (8pts)


I hope everyone had a great time, even with the less than great weather.  To me, there isn’t much better than a golf trip with a bunch of good guys.  I’m glad you could all make it this year.

As I always end this post, planning for next year has already started, if you have any feedback or thoughts on location please share them with me.  More information on that will come in the near future.

The 15th President’s Cup is only 359 days away.

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R U Ready?!?!

23029438221_62fbbe441e_mI said R U Ready?!?!?!  LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!

overloading-440Everybody will be heading north tomorrow.  You should be packed, and if you aren’t, what are you waiting for get on that.  A key point is to always pack accordingly.  If the courses let us out we will be playing golf.  Based on what The Official Weatherman of The President’s Cup has told us we could get it all this weekend.

Sunscreen may not be necessary.

Let’s hope we don’t need this.


We may need some of this.

Everybody must check-in at the Breezy Point Lodge Thursday afternoon or evening to get their cabin key and card that shows their meals for the trip in the Deacon’s Lodge Clubhouse.

I’m sure your game is in shape or is similar to this guys.


Make sure you find this guy if you need to have a good time.


If you can’t find Stew on the golf course he may be in here. (click to enlarge)


And if you need anything from the store stop by Fields new place.  He’s open late and got the champagne of colas – RC, so that is nice. (click to enlarge)

20150807_172613See you guys tomorrow.

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The Official Weatherman of the President’s Cup has spoken

He may or may not be making is now usual Thursday trip to the President’s Cup.  But that didn’t stop him from talking about his 4th favorite subject (1st three are the stock market, politics and complex mathematical equations) the weather.

So here you have it, “The Official Weatherman of the President’s Cup” weather forecast for June 2-5, 2016.  Without further ado.

Well boys it’s the annual weather report and my first thought is sun, clouds, rain and wind will be in play for the never ending, way too much golf weekend.

Thurs. (really only day that matters)

Have we ever played on Thursday and had bad weather?  Serious question, I’m just sitting here thinking of how Thursday has always given us glorious weather on what we used to call our “travel day”.   Whether we were on the golf course, renting pontoons or even those who have brought fishing boats to take advantage of those northern lakes, the weather has never been a factor (at least to my knowledge) to one of the best days everyone looks forward to and that’s this THURSDAY.

You will see nothing but little orange focus pills getting passed all around from cart to golf cart on the first hole but the nice part about this year, we won’t see anything melting and the mercury won’t reach that melting point of 90+ degrees.

Thursday will be the best day of the week, go figure (Thanks will be needed to those who have joined Steels cult church group because if there was a god, as I’m sure some believe he has a voice, he’s doing a damn good job making us happy) on really the most important day of them all, as temps will struggle to reach that perfect temp of 70 degrees but the best part about that perfect temp is minimal wind (~10mph) and cloud cover will be over ruled by Mr. sun by a 80%-20% advantage so sun screen on nose will be recommended.

Friday- (The morning I’m driving home and laughing at how horrible I feel, how horrible this day will be driving from Brainerd to Buffalo to Fargo but at least I’ll be in a hockey rink with late evening sweats inside while it’s raining)

Friday’s weather will slowly deteriorate as time goes on, first group of TK-Kunza (my early pick for Calcutta winner) vs Luke and Brand might have a huge 1hr advantage vs the last group because things should start getting worse as the minutes pass by, drops of wet consistent rain will fast approach around the 1pm-2pm time frame and should/could last the rest of the day with a persistent round of moisture coming in from the Dakota’s.

Friday should remind all of us what we went through this past Saturday, heavy cloud cover, minimal wind, rain but really all that matters if the latest GFS run shows possible lightning bolts, pull over your cart, fill up some your cart with extra beer and let the strong storm pass, but I’d assume with the temps in the 70’s, the chances of strong storm to pop up are low.

Temp will be in the high 60’s too around 70 and wind won’t be relevant, 10mph wind is doable unless your ball is hit by James Edger Steel,  and then you’ll have to deal with Jet stream wind and that’s something I’ll  never get wind data for his moon shot balls, but for those who keep it simple, low ball flight under tree tops, we could see the likes of Gernie, Joey (toaster strudel) kelly  or Fielder, those who keep it simple (ala Bryson Dechambeau swing) take charge of the northern territory golf courses and finally crack the Rest of World reign at the top.

Click on the latest ECMWF (euro model) 90hr (noon) and 96hr (6pm) tabs above, you’ll see wind from the south but a big blob of rain moving west on Friday.

ecmwf_apcp_f90_us (1)

ecmwf_apcp_f96_us (2)

The last 3 other attachments are your GFS noon run (American model) which shows Friday’s 72 hour (6am) 78hour (noon) and 84hour (6pm) but this last GFS run has strong storm possibilities around 6pm so lightning could come into play.

gfs_op_apcp_f78_usgfs_op_apcp_f84_usSaturday (Still don’t know how people are alive let alone actually golfing but here it goes)

Saturday’s weather will be cooler with some fresh northern Canadian WIND that could gust to around 20mph but should average around 15mph.  Cloud cover will be 50/50 and as the low pressure moves east, you’ll always have that possibility of the “complementary wrap around” popcorn shower as the Low pressure moves counter clockwise, but this will be the better of the two days during your competition.  We all know weather has a huge advantage for some people but given the rain glove technology and people utilizing their golf cart weather doors, the courses will give you great views, awesome memories and hopefully our boys from the amazing and talented cities of CR/Blaine dig down deep and actually come back with the cup.

 Good luck and have fun

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