Prezzy Cup Primer

The winter that would never end is nearing its completion. This picture is from one of the Twin Cities golf courses, just kidding. As we are a mere 41 days from the President’s Cup it is necessary to remind everyone of a few things. We’ve been doing this for 15 years, what do we possibly need to know for our 16th edition? Well, things get foggy on these trips. We at the President’s Cup office get asked the same questions every year (lots of times by the same people). If you can’t remember or don’t know you can always come back to this.

Our newest competitor is Norman, he’s not pictured above but does embody qualities of each man shown above. He hails from White Bear Lake. He spent time on the campus of SCSU. He will drink a beer from time to time and he’s apparently not intimidated by playing 90 holes of golf over 2.5 days with this crew. He will be riding to Cragun’s with Stew so please allow him some recuperating time upon arrival and if necessary a shoulder to cry on. We will see how his golf game travels to the hinterlands otherwise known as Cragun’s Resort and the Bobby’s and Dutch Golf Courses. My guess is this there will be glimmers of good, mixed in with cocktails and some double bogeys.

Cragun’s is a nice place to have a trip like this. The drive is short. Most people will be able to get there in about 2 hours, depending on the time you leave and where exactly you live. Load up those cars and set course for the Brainerd Lakes Area. The Bayview Cabins we are staying in are a short 1.7 mile drive to the clubhouse. It’s a close walk to the Bear Trap Lounge for some karoke and gettin’ down.

Thursday golf at the President’s Cup has probably evolved the most of any one thing at said President’s Cup. It used to not happen. Then we added an 18 hole round for a small group of die-hard’s. Then we one year a rag tag group went up early to play a morning 18 hole loop before the afternoon 18 holes. Some in that group they decided to play another 9 after the afternoon round. That is 45 holes in one day guys. The famous quote, “This is a golf trip not a sit on the couch trip” was coined that day. I don’t think we’ll get in 45 this year but there will be at least 13 die-hard’s going for 36. We will play Bobby’s starting at 9:40am and then the afternoon round will be played on Dutch starting at 3:50pm. Many years Thursday has been the best weather day so if you can, I recommend you attempt to be there.

Thursday night after dinner in the clubhouse (included) we will get the Calcutta back in its original form as a live event. Last year was a bit of a mess. We were missing people, a location and somebody sober to properly organize it. This year it will take place in one of the cabins with Tim yelling at people and questioning their golf ability. Stew may be by his side as a de facto 2nd in command for the evening. Bring some cash.

Friday wake up and grab some breakfast at the main lodge (included). Your day will be the typical 36 holes of President’s Cup golf we have all become accustomed to. An 18-hole 2-man match vs. your competitors in the morning. The afternoon will be 18 holes of 2-man scramble against those bastards on the other team. That evening we will get some dinner in the clubhouse (again included).

Saturday get some grub again before heading to the practice green. You have 18 holes of Individual Match Play to wrap it up. Fill you coolers up and roll a put or two. Hit a few on the range, like it will matter. A champion will be crowned in the mid-afternoon. Then it’s off to the Drunken Scramble.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Somebody will get there first on Thursday, it will just happen, and that’s okay. Tell them you are with the Melling Group and get yourself ready for a 3-day event that goes too fast.

Hopefully you get to play a round or 3 of golf prior to going up north. If you do remember to post those scores. You have a handicap for a reason.

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Teams have been chosen

Some of you probably know this already, but teams were chosen on Saturday. The snow could not keep, Captains Steel and Bersch away from making their crucial decisions. Marty joined for some beers as well.

Here they are, no team names have been chosen.

Bersch’s Team

O65, Bersch, Norman, Field, Spears, Marty, Melling, E, Furnace and Witt

Steel’s Team

Tim, Sheetz, Steel, Karson, Gres, Mario, Snoren, JK, EDY and Stew

Hard to believe after this white crap that fell all weekend we are only 45 days away. The positive is the Brainerd area got hardly any of this snow.


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Teams to be determined this Saturday

Your 2018 President’s Cup Captains will be meeting this Saturday night at the Chanticlear Pizza in Maple Grove to pick their teams. Bersch has won the right to pick 1st after coming in at 36 under par in his Masters Pool. Steel came in at 19 under par and will get the next two picks and the draft will snake from there. Teams will announced on this site shortly after they have been determined.

There will be a lot of updates in the coming in the next 50 days leading up to the event. It’s been pretty quiet here, but it will pick up.

50 days away


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The Field Is Set?

To say that 2018 has been a little crazy would be and understatement. We’ve had lots of people unable to make and it has been difficult to get things sorted out. As of March 22nd we have our 20 guys. Norman has joined from the WBL (White Bear Lake for you commoners) and O65 was out but is now back in.

With all the turnover we are going to be looking at setting up new teams for this annual competition. We’ll stay with the same overall format, just change the teams up. Not sure how we will do it. I’m thinking maybe a draft. Just need to find a couple of willing captains, or just nominate 2 dudes and let it sort itself out.

Anyways we are 69 days away. I’ve been lacking updates as I’ve tried to get the group filled. But now that we are up and running things may become fast and furious. Don’t get mad if you get some emails from me over the next two months.

So let’s dance.


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30 days for the deposit

We are less than 30 days from owing our deposits to Cragun’s. I’ve heard from a handful that they have already taken care of this objective. The link and phone # is in the previous post so just scroll down to get the appropriate information.

There is some really good news to report as well. EDY is back, he was out last year but couldn’t be gone for too long so make sure and welcome him back.

The group currently sits at 23 golfers with some invites currently still out. The minimum # is going to be 24 with 28 being the max. Several people have been asked that did not go last year, and many have had to decline for various reasons.

We are only 134 days away from playing in the 2018 President’s Cup.

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It’s Deposit Time

The end of 2017 is almost here. You can see it if you look hard enough. In the President’s Cup world that means deposits need to start getting paid.

The total amount for the 2018 President’s Cup at Cragun’s is $632.43 including tax. For that amount you will get 5 rounds of golf, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts and 3 nights in the cabins. There is a minimum $100 deposit due by February 15th. Use this link or call this # 877.846.5318 (deposits) and refer to Melling Golf 2018 when paying. The remaining balance you owe will be billed to your credit card 10 days prior to arrival.

We are 164 days away. Get your schedule’s figured out, pay your deposit and watch these 5 and a half months fly by. If things become clearer and you are out let me know ASAP.

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President’s Cup 2018 Location Change

Based on some confusion and a lack of lodging options the 2018 President’s Cup destination is changing. Iowa is off until a future year and we are heading back to a favorite of many, Cragun’s Resort.

The package we have includes 5 rounds of golf, 3 nights lodging, 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners, the cost will be approximately $630 after tax. We’ve got 2 of their new Bayview Villas (sleeps 24 in their own beds) and a couple smaller cabins close by to fit the group.

239 days until tee off.

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