#16 is done

What walking into work felt like today.

Another one bites the dust. There was a lot of golf, 108 holes for some of us. Thursday turned about to be another in the long line of glorious Thursday’s. Maybe we should start making Thursday part of the President’s Cup as well. I think the Shamble/Scrumble event was a hit and provided a little bit of a breather for those who played in the morning.

Friday was a good day and the competition was pretty good. Team Bersch grabbed the morning lead, even though the Captain had a struggle on a recurring nemesis. He was picked up by the team of Gern/Marty and Melling/Norman. After morning rounds the score was 9-6 Team Bersch over Team Steel.

Friday afternoon we had a our first in competition Hole-in-One from our first year competitor Norman. It proved to not be enough as he and Field could only get 0.5 point. Maybe the tide turned in the afternoon a little as the cool weather moved in. The 2-man scramble saw a good amount of birdies and pars down the stretch from Stew/Karson and Steel/Snoren to help Team Steel close the gap. At the close of the day the score was Team Bersch 16 – Team Steel 14. With Sheetz (5.5 pts and Snoren 5 pts) looking good on the Calcutta board.

Saturday we woke to wet grass, cool temps, a ugly looking radar and severe headaches. That didn’t slow us down though. We got to the course. Combined to drop north of $2000 in the ProShop and headed out. In the first group out we had somebody who was ready to set the tone for Team Bersch, turns out the rain killed the tone, and Fields epic 73 in gross conditions was for not. It was never really close on Saturday. The 1st 3 4-somes went like this – Team Bersch 6 pts – Team Steel 12. The last 2 groups we drubbings. Only Witt could muster any points for Team Bersch, getting 2.5 from his weekend rival Karson. Sheetz clinched his Player of the Cup taking down one of his main competitors in convincing fashion. Final Scores are below.

Friday AM
Team 1 Pts Team 2 Pts
Bersch/Spears 0 Snoren/Sheetz 3
Witt/Field 2 Gres/Karson 1
O65/E 1.5 Tim/JK 1.5
Melling/Norman 2.5 Stew/EDY 0.5
Gern/Marty 3 Steel/Mario 0
Total 9 6
Friday PM
Team 1 Pts Team 2 Pts
Field/Norman 0.5 Sheetz/Gres 2.5
Bersch/E 3 Tim/EDY 0
Spears/Witt 1.5 Mario/JK 1.5
Gern/O65 1 Steel/Snoren 2
Melling/Marty 1 Karson/Stew 2
Total 7 8
Saturday Indy
Team 1 Pts Team 2 Pts
Field 3 Mario 0
O65 0 EDY 3
Spears 0 Stew 3
Bersch 2 Steel 1
Norman 0.5 Tim 2.5
Melling 0.5 Snoren 2.5
Gern 0 JK 3
Marty 0 Gres 3
Witt 2.5 Karson 0.5
E 0 Sheetz 3
Total 8.5 21.5
Match Total 24.5 35.5

Take it easy everybody. Continue to play golf as much as you can. Even when it’s bad it’s better than doing a lot of other things. Planning is underway for 2019 and you are welcome back. Cragun’s does a great job for us and they are being considered. Golf trips like this are some of my favorite things and I’ll keep doing this until you guys decide that you no longer want to go. Playing in the rain, cold and being wet isn’t great but I still have a smile on my face doing it.

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You Ready?

The golf will begin in earnest 2 days from now. The weather looks like it should be good. Some chances of rain late Friday night into the early part of Saturday. Doesn’t look to be a soaker by any means. As always though, bring appropriate gear. If they let us out we will be playing. So grab your clubs, throw them in the car and we’ll see you at Cragun’s Thursday morning/afternoon or on Friday morning.

Have a fun day at work tomorrow. I’m sure a lot will get done.

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There is a feeling you get . . . .

Nic Cage showing off his acting chops.

. . . when you know you are 7 days away from the President’s Cup. What a range of emotion being displayed above by one of our greatest. From the – is it OK to smile or be happy about this yet, to the – I’m a little worried about how my body and liver will hold up, and then finally – what the hell let’s just laugh like we know things other people don’t.

  • We know that Thursday will be good, as always, with Reed telling Bjorn that “it’s the best day of the weekend, hands down it’s all you need to do.” Somehow trying to justify them not being there the rest of the weekend.
  • Friday morning Sheetz will be shaking off Thursday, maybe a small puking session will be followed up by the typical harassment from Karson.
  • Witt and O65 will be fresh, since they missed Thursdays usual debacle, and come in with clear minds and fresh legs Friday morning.
  • Norman will still be unsure if he is ready for all of this golf. Stew will tell him it’s okay if you aren’t, just pull a calf muscle and sit in the clubhouse with me.
  • We know Joe will misplace or forget a minimum of one thing per day requiring trips back to the car, the cabin, needing a tee on the tee box or a ball mark on the green.
  • Gern and Stew will be making friends with the karaoke girl in the Bear Trap Lounge. Taking over the show if necessary. “Cuts like a knife-a!”
  • Steel will face plant into the bed on Saturday night around 10pm and wake up 6am the next morning ready to go home and get to 2 soccer games, coach a baseball team and mow the lawn.
  • Melling will have to tell people a minimum of 20 times when they tee off, what course we are playing or where the breakfast is served.
  • Spears will be happy to be up north away from the rigors of the business world and the craziness of 4 kids, all while nursing a pinched nerve.
  • Mario will do his best to not be cut off at the bar or swing and miss in the fairway.
  • Gres will try to host a parking lot party with musical guest Drake and a special appearance from Mr. Grey Goose.
  • Tim will have a tough time getting the Calcutta settled and will most likely lose his voice at multiple times over the course of the weekend.
  • EDY will have a defining round, with multiple birdies, early in the weekend only to be let down as the weekend progresses.
  • Snoren will be staring down Bersch all weekend as his confidence on the golf course has grown to an all time high. Will 2018 live up to 2017 for him?
  • Marty will be laughing most at the end of the weekend, as he is the early leader for Player of Prezzy Cup in several peoples eyes.
  • Ollestad will undoubtedly order a sit down meal less than 15 minutes before he is due on the tee box.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. Spend time with people who aren’t going on this trip if you have to. There won’t be much communication with them next weekend.

This is how I’ll be feeling next Wednesday at lunch.

Get out and golf or practice golfing. We’re sure the results will show at Cragun’s.

7 days away!

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Thursday Round – President’s Cup 2018

The Thursday Round(s) have become a President’s Cup tradition. So it should come at no surprise that we continue it with Steel/Karson coming up with your gaming for the day. We will begin our weekend (those who can make it there on Thursday) with a round at the Bobby’s Legacy course at Cragun’s and follow that up with another round on Dutch’s. Below are your pairings and the games for each of the rounds.

The AM game on Bobby’s is Best 2 of 4 net scores, $40 per player

  • $30 for each closest to the pin ($120 total)
  • $320 for 1st place
  • $160 for 2nd place

You get all of your shots, which are in ( ). Who is going low?

  • 9:40 – Melling (14), Mario (15), Snoren (16)
  • 9:50 – Gres (14), Bjorn (16), Reed (9), Gern (26)
  • 10:00 – Karson (10), Bersch (9), Sheetz (8), Tim (6)
  • 10:10 – Steel (9), Marty (13), Spears (12), E (24)

The PM game on Dutch’s is Best 2 of 4 gross scores Shamble/Scrumble or whatever you want to call it. $20 per player.

  • $320 for 1st place
  • $80 for 2nd place

Pick the best tee shot of the group and everybody plays their own ball in from there for their score. No handicaps.

  • 3:50 – Bjorn, EDY, Norman, Tim
  • 4:00 – Gern, Bersch, Field, Marty
  • 4:10 – Snoren, JK, Spears, Steel
  • 4:20 – Reed, Stew, Karson, E
  • 4:30 – Melling, Gres, Sheetz, Mario

9 days away

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Friday Matches Are Set

And down the stretch we come.

Below are times and who’s playing who. In ( ) is the amount of shots the player or team get in the match.

2-Man Best Ball – Friday June 1st – AM – Dutch

9:00  Bersch & Spears (4) vs. Snoren (8) & Sheetz

9:10   Witt (10) & Field vs. Karson & Gres (4)

9:20   O65 & E (18) vs. Tim & JK (13)

9:30   Melling (4) & Norman vs. Stew (4) & EDY (11)

9:40   Gern (17) & Marty (4) vs. Steel & Mario (6)

2-man Scramble – Friday June 1st – PM – Bobby’s

3:20   Field/Norman vs. Sheetz/Gres (1)

3:30   Bersch/E (2.5) vs. Tim/EDY

3:40   Spears/Witt vs. Mario/JK (1)

3:50   Gern/O65 (3.5) vs. Steel/Snoren

4:00   Melling/Marty (1.5) vs. Karson/Stew

11 days away!

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Friday Matches will be set on ….

May 18th. The captains, Steel and Bersch, along with this guy will be playing golf at Edinburgh USA. There are 2 tee times at 4:09 and 4:18, if you are interested please let me know.

Following the golf the two captains and anybody else that is interested in being in attendance will be setting the match-ups for Friday’s 2-man best ball and 2-man scramble matches. The location for setting these matches has not been set but it’ll either be at the golf course or a nearby establishment.

It bears repeating but here it goes. 2-man best ball matches will be determined by the 1st team throwing out a team and the other team will then match up a 2-some against them. Then they will throw out a team of their own and it will repeat itself until 5 matches have been made.

The 2-man scramble teams will be matched up with like handicaps. This works to eliminate the large discrepancy that can happen where one team is giving 10 shots to the other team.

We are 20 days away.

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Dutch’s Legacy at Cragun’s Resort Preview

Of the 2 courses at the Cragun’s Resort, Dutch’s may be the best set up for our group and match play. It has 6 par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. Of the par 3’s there is an hazard or forced carry on 5 of them. The par 5’s give you lots of options off of the tee and each player will have decisions to make in the fairway on whether to go for it or where to lay up on all of them.

The first 2 holes on Dutch’s are “what you see is what you get”. Hit a good tee shot and you should be rewarded with a good score. The 3rd hole is the where you need to start with good decision making. Are you going to take a wood of some kind and try and get as close to the green as you can? The answer may be easy as there’s not a whole lot of room for error. Use a mid iron and play to the biggest piece of fairway and leave yourself a mid to short iron into the green. It’s only 318 yards so choose wisely.

On the fourth hole you’ll want to do your best to make par, which shouldn’t lose you the hole, so you can quickly move on. It’s a mid-length par 3 so it’s no gimme. That’s because the next hole is the hardest on the Dutch course. After hitting your best tee shot of the day to this point you’ll be left with a long iron or fairway wood to get home on this long par 4. This being the hardest hole on the course there definitely is trouble in the way, plenty of trees everywhere and marsh down the left side.

Number 6 is a short par 3 at 143 yards, knock it close and get back the hole you just lost on the fifth. The seventh hole is the 2nd par 5 on the front and if you can find the fairway with your drive getting a par should be doable. The “cute” 120 yard 8th is an easy green to hit but not many birdies will be made here, go ahead and try and get a skin or take somebody’s away.

The 9th is another par 5 that presents a great finish to the front 9. If your front 9 match is coming down to this hole it’s the perfect opportunity to put pressure on your opponent. Rip a drive and avoid the large fairway bunker and stare him down before you snuggle it up near the green on your second. Get your birdie and hopefully at least a .5 point for your match.

After refreshing your cart with drinks and hopefully a little food you’ll make the turn to the back 9 at Dutch’s. The 10th hole will let you take the driver out again and let’er rip. It’s long but straight forward. Be happy with a par, it may be one of your best scores on the back. The 11th hole isn’t too long and provides some alternatives off the tee with a split fairway.

The twelfth is a 155yd par 3 that requires a good tee shot to avoid a 3-putt, the green is large. Then you come to 13th and a really fun par 5. They’ve got 9 tee boxes so this hole can play all kinds of distances. There is trouble down the whole left side and with a carried approach shot over the lake/marsh to the green. Somebody will threaten eagle here and somebody will threaten double digits.

Number 14 is the hole with 2 greens. We will be playing the green on the left, that doesn’t require a second shot over the marsh. Pretty straight forward hole here, but there is a carry off the tee over the marsh and trouble all down the right side. Just keep it on the grass and you’ll be fine. On the par 3 15th you’ll want to make sure and carry the pond on this 167 yard hole or your opponent will easily get the win on this hole.

The 16th hole requires a perfectly placed tee shot to have a chance at getting home in 2. A bad tee shot or one not hit where you want it will help you make your decision. The split fairway, with trees in between, makes your 2nd or 3rd shot the most important of the round. Choose the shorter route and you’ll have to hit a good shot to get it on the green over more marsh.

Seventeen is a short par 3 at 135 yards but there is trouble around the green so being accurate is key. Don’t lose your concentration on the tee thinking about finishing the round. Number 18 is solid par 5 that’s 517 yards with an up hill approach shot, most of the group will be happy to get home in 3 shots. This hole provides a nice spot to watch groups come it’s nice and close to the clubhouse for replenishing your refreshments waiting for everybody.

There we have it. Dutch’s, much like Bobby’s, puts a premium on accuracy off the tee while giving a good mix of holes. Hit the ball well and it provides players an opportunity to have a good score at the end of the day. There are plenty of holes to recover on, after you screw up on some.

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