2016 President’s Cup – Deposit Notice

Here is what we have:

June 2 – 5, 2016

Lodging in Deacon’s Lodge Cabins.  One round at Deacon’s is part of the President’s Cup, the other will be part of the Karson/Steel round on Thursday.  So if you can make it for golf on Thursday say 2 rounds if you can’t say 1 round.

Package 1 – $439.68

3 nights, 2 rounds @ Deacon’s Lodge – 2 breakfasts (Fri/Sat) and 1 lunch (Sat)

Package 2 – $365.93

3 nights, 1 round @ Deacon’s Lodge – 2 breakfasts (Fri/Sat) and 1 lunch (Sat)

Payment to: https://www.formstack.com/forms/?1429243-hvKbhPyXSD or call 1-800-432-3777 opt 1 (twice) – mention the Scott Melling Custom Golf Group when paying and if you are playing one round @ Deacons or two.

$100 Deposit due by January 15th.  Full payment due 15 days prior to arrival.

Not included in the payment:  There will still be a $115 to pay to Golden Eagle on Friday June 3rd for 2 rounds w/ cart.  We will also have a bus taking us there that will be paid for in the gambling bundle.

Only 164 days until tee off!!!

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2016 Finalized


Resort picked, check.  Courses determined, check.  Cabins reserved, check.  And now dates finalized.  We will be competing for the President’s Cup Trophy the weekend of June 2-5, 2016.  That puts us 275 days away.

Here is the package breakdown:

  • 28 participants
  • 3 nights lodging in 3 cabins at Deacon’s Lodge, 1 12-bed & 2 8-bed
  • 2 rounds at Deacon’s Lodge, one on Thurs. (for the Karson/Steel round) and one for the Individual Match Saturday morning
  • 2 Breakfasts (Sat. & Sun.) and lunch at the turn on Saturday (Deacon’s Lodge)
  • Cost $441.35, $100 deposit due by January 2nd, remaining due 15 days prior to arrival
  • You can’t or don’t want to play on Thursday, that’s okay your cost will be $367.61
  • Friday we will be taking a bus to Golden Eagle for 36 holes, an additional $115, paid at the course
  • The bus will be added into the Gaming Bundle and paid prior to The President’s Cup it will include a tip for the driver as well


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2016 Location Is Set

The Brainerd area has treated us well.  Having hosted our group for half of The President’s Cups it has shown abilities to keep beer cold, golf carts moving, weather acceptable and the golf courses in fine shape.  And that is why we are heading back in 2016.


The plan is to visit Golden Eagle for a 36-hole bonanza on Friday and Deacon’s Lodge on Saturday.  Stay at Deacon’s Lodge Cabins Thursday through Sunday.  A bus ride to and from Golden Eagle on Friday, basically the same as we did in 2014.


The weekend has not been determined but it will be either June 2-5 or June 9-12.  That will be determined in the next month and a half.  Whatever date is chosen we are around 300 days away.

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It’s in the books



The 2015 President’s Cup is in the books.  It was a closely contested match this year.  The Rest of the World showed that last year wasn’t a fluke and that they planned to defend the trophy as any champion would.  The Fourball Friday matches resulted in a nice 12 – 9 lead for The Rest of the World with camaraderie and positive vibes flowing throughout the Cragun’s Bobby’s golf course.


As they have done several times in the past CR/Blaine made a charge on Friday afternoon.  Whether it’s Modified Alternate Shot or 2-man scramble they seem to pull out of whatever deficit they find themselves in.  This day was no different.  As the matches came in and points were totaled there wasn’t a point separating the two teams as they were knotted up at 21 – 21.


After feasting on prime rib and fish the teams adjourned to the cabins for quick visits and meetings.  Hilltop Cabin 690 was the place that Saturday matches would be determined.  Early Player of the Cup hopeful Marty, went out early with hopes of setting the tone for his team.  It was a great idea for CR/Blaine but a man that goes by Witt, who had a wedding to get to had other ideas, and made Marty’s day a difficult one and scratched out 2.5 points.  The middle matches were a mixed bag with no team taking a commanding lead of The President’s Cup.  Points were split fairly even within each 4-some.  Rain moved in midway through the day and the mood of the Cup changed.  People just wanted to be done with golf after such a grueling weekend.  But there were still plenty of points to be had on the course.


The bad weather, non-proximity of the 18th hole to the clubhouse and a lack or beverage cart near the 18th green drew most players in to miss what would have been a great finish.  With The Rest of the World winning by 1 point 42.5 – 41.5.  The closest President’s Cup on record, but there really aren’t any records because we drink too much.

Player of Cup – Karson 8 points

Largest Margin of Vicotry – Karson 8 & 6 over Snoren

Lowest Net Scramble Team – Melling & Brand 56.5

Believe it or not planning has already begun on President’s Cup 2016.  A location will be picked in the coming months and details will be ironed out by the early fall.  Those of you who attended this year are welcome back for the 14th playing of The President’s Cup, we’d love to have you back.

Thanks to everybody for making it, I hope you had a great time.  Please feel free to share you questions or concerns about the trip with me when you have time.   First and foremost this trip is about getting a good bunch of guys together for some golf one weekend out of the year.  I hope it’s something you all look forward to as much as I do.


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It’s Time to Head Up

I was driving on 94 this morning and I came across this.

20150310_123824_resized 20150310_123817_resized

So I guess Bersch has started his trek north.  And by the looks of it he needed the big rig to bring up his goods.  I tried to catch up to it to wave and say “see you soon” but my car couldn’t keep up, even at 105mph.  To say he was in a hurry and excited would be an understatement.

We will be doing our match scoring through http://www.scrolf.com/mobile.  Put it on your phone and you can look up Friday to see all of our matches.  I’ll update Saturday matches once they are set.  One person from each group must be in charge of this scoring.  We each pay $2 for this so please use it, very simple just select who won the hole no need to enter a score, put that on the scorecard.  It’s a mobile site so it shouldn’t suck the battery on your phone.

Best of luck everybody, get to Brainerd safe.  I’m excited to get everybody together for the 13th President’s Cup.

We’ll see you most of you tomorrow and everybody Friday morning.


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The Official Weather Man of the President’s Cup has spoken

OWMOTPCThe Official Weather Man of the President’s Cup really only cares about the Thursday before The President’s Cup.  But he’s nice enough to share his forecast for the weekend with us.  Below you have more weather information than you could possibly need for this coming weekend and some music suggestions.

Do I pack the rain gear, how about my new SCSU umbrella i recently won, weather golf gloves, how about my bucket hat or should Karson consider going back to the mall today/tomorrow and get an extra set of matching Puma clothes for his Indy match play on the back 9 in-case the ECMWF model run is correct?

This is always the aged old question when packing for the 2015 prezzy cup and this year is no different.   I think it will be your typical heating of the day popcorn showers on Thursday with the best chance of consistent rain could be mid morning to late afternoon on Saturday.

Here are two recent model runs(GFS and EURO for 6pm saturday evening) forecasting over the same time frame but worlds apart on whether or not you’ll get rained on, but rain or shine everyone will be ready for whatever the weather has in store for this group.  Carts will be full of rain gear, booze, water (for those  who can’t drink more then 1 day straight anymore) and a plethora of other STUFF that one cart will have smoke billowing out of the sides, but the cart in the same group could be totally on a different spectrum that hasn’t ate all day and will be able to drink 24 beers and still feel normal.

ecmwf_apcp_f108_us gfs_op_apcp_f108_us[1]But if you want me to give you a guarantee on something that would be considered my 2015 lock of the year, it’s Stew’s group will be listening to Yacht Rock all weekend long.  If your not familiar to Yacht Rock and unfortunately not in Stew’s group, you should find a way to navigate your cart and just listen to the sweet music of Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald, it will calm your nerves before hitting the dreadful 1st tee shot while everyone is watching (that’s including you Knoke).

And by the looks of it Mario, Snoren and Horse are fortunate in the Friday am best ball followed by O65, Field and Bersch in the 2 man scramble.  You lucky S.O.B.’s.

Yacht Rock

“Yacht rock” is a pejorative name[6][7] used retrospectively to refer to the soft rock format that peaked in popularity between the years of 1975 and 1984. In part, the term relates to the stereotype of the yuppie yacht owner, enjoying smooth music while out for a sail. Additionally, since sailing was a popular leisure activity in Southern California, many “yacht rockers” made nautical references in their lyrics, videos, and album artwork, particularly the anthemic track “Sailing” by Christopher Cross. Notable artists also include Michael McDonaldKenny LogginsBoz ScaggsSteely Dan and Toto.[8]

And here is Top 10 Yacht rock songs of all time


Have fun and good luck

R “The Official Weatherman of the President’s Cup” T

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Official Ambassadors of The President’s Cup

It started way back in 2002 with the 1st President’s Cup, when EDY brought us to his homeland and taught us about “The Range” in and around Giants Ridge.  He wasn’t given the title then and it since has been implied with him that the Giants Ridge President’s Cup’s are his President’s Cup’s.

Luke was our Ambassador when we went over to the foreign lands of northern Wisconsin and Hayward/Cable.  He handled the title well giving plenty of feedback and providing valuable insight.

The Brainerd Lakes area has hosted 6 times and now has official Ambassadors.  The Furnace disappears to the shores of Lake Sibley weekend after weekend from May to September.  Kunza spends time flying on private jets to his place on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes.  So we have Co-Ambassador’s in Brainerd.

A lot comes with this title.  Telling people what bars to visit, where the closest liquor store is, where can someone find a cash machine as well as other local knowledge and history.  So please direct all of your local area questions to these people.  They know everything there is to know for local flavor and culture as well.

If we choose to go to any new location we will try and award an Ambassador position to somebody who fits the qualifications.

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