Thursday Round

As usual the President’s Cup un-officially begins the Thursday afternoon before.  This year is no exception.  It used to be know as the “Steel Round” but now Karson has take it over.  This year we will be playing a warm up round at The Preserve with tee times starting after 1pm.  There will be additional games/gambling.  There may even be some surprise guests that day.  So if you can get up to Brainerd a little early and play some more golf.  Let Karson know if you are in as soon as possible, so we can get the numbers and tee times set soon.  38 days away!!preserve1

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Player Profile – Jozef or JoJo


Handicap – 14.4

Hometown – Coontown USA

He’s baaack!  I caught up with Jozef at a line dancing competition, which is where this photo was taken.  He answered a few questions (ready below).  He didn’t have much time but he did want to make sure everyone knows that he is expecting big things this year and plans to exceed everyone’s expectations.

  • What have you been missing during your absence from the President’s Cup?  Making foggy memories, taking years off of my life expectancy, the controversy on and off the course….Really there’s no bigger bang for your life dollars than prezzy.
  • Are there any special drink requests that we need to prepare Brainerd for? Standard stockpile of 1 Coors Light per hole, whiskey diets after golf, throw in a few jag bombs and that’s about it.  Maybe mix in a coconut water with Eddy at some point during the weekend.
  • What new equipment do you have in the bag for this year? 3” frictionless tees and a sleeve of Top Flite XL’s.  My newest club (by 10 years) is the toaster strudel driver bequeathed to me back in ’04.  I’m more of a purist and don’t prefer taking the easy route via technology.
  • Most embarrassing moment on a golf course? Sharting in my pants during every Saturday round I’ve ever played at prezzy.
  • What would it take for you to be the Player of the Prezzy Cup (most points of the weekend)? A new scoring system combining total strokes + total Coors Lights consumed.  Highest score wins.
  • Favorite golf course you’ve ever played? Old Head golf links
  • Lowest score ever, when and where? 33 on bunker hills exec back in 1989
  • What do you consider to be your home golf course?  Lilli-Putt
  • Last time you golfed? Came off a 15 month hiatus last fall to participate in the Swinging for Scholarships event at Bunker
  • I’d rather be …? drunker
  • Ever had a golf lesson? Every time I play golf for money
  • Dream 4-some? Charles Barkley, John Daly, & Rob Ford or the Dahm triplets before they got old
  • Do you feel any pressure coming back to the President’s Cup?   None.  This is the year outstate changes the prezzy cup forever.
  • Harder thing to do make par on a par 3 or snare a small mouth bass?  Par 3.  That’s why I’ve quit golf for an extended period 3 separate times in my life and will probably quit another 5 times.  I only quit fishing when I run out of beer or sow sauce.
  • More prestigious being the “Head of Weaver Lake Neighborhood Association” or the “Par-3 Specialist”?  Both honorable title’s but I’d have to say Par-3 Specialist because it puts the fear of god into my opponents
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How matchups and pairings will be determined


The Friday AM (4-ball or 2-man team, whatever you choose to call them) matchups

Use the original format that we have done in prior years (2013 being the exception).  Two weeks prior to the President’s Cup after golf league, let’s say May 13th(42 days from today) we will meet and each team throws out their pairings.  Handicaps will adjust on May 15th and necessary changes will be made.


Friday PM matchups

This year will be 2-man scramble matches.  The 2-man team handicaps will be determined by adding each players handicaps together and dividing by 2.  Each team shows their 2-man teams and they will be matched according to similar handicaps.  This should prevent any dramatic swings in strokes for one 2-man team compared to their opponents.  These matchups will be set up after the 2-man matches are set on May 13th.

Tee times will be set according to where people teed off in the morning.  We’ll make sure nobody has to make the quick switch from last group to first group.


Saturday Indy matches

Done the same way as they have been every except in 2013.  We throw peoples names out and let the other team determine their opponent.  Most likely at a yet-to-be-determined location on Friday night, possibly the bus ride back to the cabins.

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Player Profile – Witt


Handicap – 16-18

Hometown – Alexandria, MN

Rumor has it Witt’s little boy wasn’t watching video of his dad playing golf when he had to cover his eyes.  This new comer is a regular golfing partner with Sheetz in the St. Cloud metro area.  He has been clamoring to get on the trip for a while and last year would have gone had it not been for busted up Achilles.  More on the man below.

  • What are you looking forward to on President’s Cup weekend? Hanging out with all the guys and or idiots.   Have just heard numerous stories about the good times and looking forward to being a part of the fun
  • Are there any special drink requests that we need to prepare Brainerd for?  Nothing specific, I’ll do shots of anything
  • What new equipment do you have in the bag for this year?  Nothing, haven’t bought any new equipment for at least 5 years
  • Most embarrassing moment on a golf course?  Playing so terrible last summer with a new group of guys I’d played with only 2 other times and walked off course after 9 holes
  • What would it take for you to be the Player of the Prezzy Cup (most points of the weekend)?  It won’t happen so will not give an answer
  • Favorite golfer?  Favorite professional is Tiger.  Favorite amateur is Spears when he gets fired up
  • Favorite golf course you’ve ever played?  Haven’t played a lot of great ones but would say Madden’s in Brainerd
  • Lowest score ever, when and where?  Lynx National Golf Course, Sauk Centre in 2012- 82
  • What do you consider to be your home golf course?  Geneva Golf Alexandria, MN
  • I’d rather be …?  Having sex
  • Ever had a golf lesson? No just thought about it.  Maybe someday
  • Dream 4-some?  Bill Murray, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Myself
  • Are you ready for the pressure of your 1st tee shot ever in the President’s Cup?  I believe I am, If it’s a terrible 1st tee shot I’ll just blame it on my bad golf game
  • One reason why St. Cloud State is great?  I never attended SCSU, but they have the best Assistant Athletic Director in the country in Chad Sheetz even though he only really does 20 hours of real work a week
  • Better player at Wapicada – Sheetz or Tiger?  Sheetz, he could play it blind folded and beat Tiger
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What was once 32 is now 24

The President’s Cup is coming up on it’s 12th Edition and we have never seen this kind of change.  We have lost 11 people who played in the 2013 President’s Cup.  We added 1 first timer and 2 returning participants to get the number to 24.

Pictures of Shane's repaired ankle, fun stuff.

Pictures of Shane’s repaired ankle, fun stuff.

In last week or so we lost Shane to a broken ankle, Strathman to a work trip that weekend and Bjorn and Rick to other commitments.

This leaves us with 24 people.  There are still 12 guys a side and teams will remain.

The Rest of the World – Brand, Karson, Sheetz, Drew, Luke, Bersch, Stew, Hoss, Melling, Jozef, CJ and Witt

CR/Blaine - Timmy, Kunza, O65, Field, Mario, RD, Gres, Snoren, EDY, Furnace, E and Marty

If somebody has to dropout at this point we will replace him to keep the number at 24.  I really hope we don’t need to do that as I can’t take much more of this.

We will be going down to 2 – 6 bedroom cabins.  Each has 12 separate actual beds.

We are 70 days away.

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Player Profile – Brando


This guy missed last year for a wedding, that wasn’t his just so you know.  While he is back he is bringing more hardware with him than anybody not named Woods.  The champ  sounds like he’s still tinkering, looking for the right piece of equipment that will shave another stroke off the handicap.  Read below to get up-to-date with the Champ.

Handicap – 3.7

Hometown – Andover, MN

  • What are you looking forward to on President’s Cup weekend? Getting back in the mix, enjoying a few cocktails, taking down the boys from CR/Blaine and winding down with a few cold brewskis.
  • What have you done with yourself since you last played in the President’s Cup? Let’s see… got a twitter handle, bought a house, won a golf tournament, lost a lot of golf tournaments, had 2 birthdays, turned over a new leaf, got something trending on twitter, grabbed a Bud, grabbed a few more Buds, turned over another leaf, more Buds and yet I’m none the wiser, but I am glad to be back at Prezzy Cup!
  • Are there any special drink requests that we need to prepare for? Not too picky, but the good old red, white and blue Budweiser’s usually taste pretty good.
  • What new equipment do you have in the bag for this year? Testing out a new driver…more loft…more distance…think about it.
  • Most embarrassing moment on a golf course? Running out of beer on the back nine with no bev cart in sight.
  • What would it take for you to be the Player of the Prezzy Cup (most points of the weekend)? No chance with all the baggers on this trip!
  • Favorite golfer? The Shark! And Lefty.
  • Favorite golf course you’ve ever played? Torrey Pines
  • Lowest score ever, when and where? 71 Eagle Mountain Scottsdale, AZ; 2004
  • Your home golf course is? Bunker Hills
  • I’d rather be …? In Steel’s pool with sunny and 75.
  • Ever had a golf lesson? Yes, every Tuesday night at Shortstops during the summer around 1AM with my golf instructor Andy Kovala (Bunker Hills Junior Club Champion 1993). His words of wisdom: “It’s so simple, you just try to make every shot!”
  • Dream 4-some? “The King”, “The Bear”, “The Shark” and Brando
  • Pick one – Winning the OHO Championship, riding in a cart with Drew on a 2nd 18 of the day or refereeing a 13 year old hockey game? Tough call. Refereeing is out.  Winning the OHO championship is awesome, but being with Drew on the 2nd 18 of the day is priceless.
  • You walk a lot when you golf, doesn’t it affect your drinking ability? Yes, it adds a layer of adversity…tough to carry enough beer in the bag when your lugging it around for 18 holes, plus the beer has a tendency to get flat with all that walking, so you gotta drink ‘em fast!
  • What kind of pressure do you feel when golfing now that you are a 2-time defending OHO Champion?  Sure there is added pressure with all the media hype, time commitments, autograph requests and desire to meet the fans expectations for more championships, but it’s nothing a few Budweiser’s can’t handle.
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86 days away

A little bit of news with this update.

The days are melting away but the snow is not. We’ve actually made it to March.  We did have another person drop out of the competition, Doug announced he couldn’t make it.  His spot on The Rest of the World team has been filled by JK or Jozef, most of you are well aware of his golfing prowess.  He has been away for a couple years, last competing for CR/Blaine in 2011 at the 9th President’s Cup at Cragun’s Resort.  Welcome back Jozef.

Believe it or not it looks like we are still waiting on people to pay the $100 deposit.

Player profiles will be appearing shortly for our new additions or returning players.

Hopefully in about 30 days the people who want to can get out and swing the clubs.

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