2015 Location Set

The lucky 13th President’s Cup destination has been set and we’re heading back to Brainerd.  However, this time we’ll be going to Cragun’s.


Cragun’s last hosted our group in 2011, The Rest of the World’s first victory in the Prezzy Cup.  The specifics have not been finalized, but the dates are looking like May 28-31 or June 4-7, 2015.  If you have strong feelings on one of these dates please let me know.  The leader in the clubhouse is June 4-7, with a return to the weekend after Memorial weekend in 2016.

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That’s a wrap

It was a different kind of year.  We lost several people.  We welcomed some back and took on a newcomer.  We added a bus to drive us on Friday.  There were 3 people who played 111 holes of golf in 3 days, mind blowing when you think about it.  The resort couldn’t figure out how to take peoples money or communicate.


The Rest of the World took home the trophy for only the 2nd time ever (37-35).  It was a sweet victory.    They built a 5 point lead Friday morning, held on Friday afternoon to take a 19.5 to 16.5 lead into Saturday’s Individual matches.  Golden Eagle proved to be a tough test for everyones game.  Matches were set on the bus ride back to the cabins in what was the most calm setting we’ve seen in years.

Hard rains overnight Friday and an ominous looking radar caused the group to fear the worst, and prepare to get wet.  The day turned out to be darn good.  Cart Path Only took its toll on players though, who after 2 days of drink and golf were in no shape to be walking that much.  CR/Blaine made a charge, as they typically do, but when Player of the Cup Sheetz declared a 3 point match for himself in the final group the celebration began.


Next year’s President’s Cup date is not set as of yet.  There was good conversation about locations going forward.  As always, anywhere will be considered, but no location has been set as of now.  Those of you who took part this year, we look foward to seeing you next year.  Thanks for playing.  There is a sense of let down after the Cup for this guy.  I hope you all had a great weekend of playing golf and hanging with some buds.

  • Player of the Cup – Sheetz (7.5 pts)
  • Largest Margin of Victory – Gern 8 & 6
  • Low Net Scramble – Sheetz/Witt 53


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It all begins tomorrow!

See most of you tomorrow.  For those 5 who haven’t paid the $100.  Make sure and bring that and pay me as soon as possible please.

Here we go.  Let’s hope nobody has to play a smiliar shot this weekend.


The Official Weather Man of the President’s Cup gave a good weather preview.  But please remember if rain hits and they let us out, we’re playing.  So bring rain gear.  Hopefully the cold weather gear can stay home.

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The Official Weather Man has spoken

Will Saturday be a rain event or will the best format (scramble) be rained out?

That looks like your only worry have during this years prezzy cup. The most recent weather runs are out and it looks like sat. evening has the biggest question mark. As you can see on the 132 Euro run (puts it at 6am here) the cold front is knocking at the doorstep, and at the 144 (6pm sat evening) it’s taken over the state of MN.

ecmwf_apcp_f132_us ecmwf_apcp_f144_us

Things can change dramatically but whats behind this storm is a week long of low 70 temps and no heat in sight. I know sunscreen will be needed for those playing Thur (90 hr Euro run) rounds and Fri looks to be just as nice, but we’ll have to watch the models to see if the cold front can slow down and keep the thunderstorms away until saturday night.

ecmwf_apcp_f138_us ecmwf_apcp_f90_us

With that said, i would have a back up plan about the individual match play, because if there is one thing that shouldn’t be cancelled, and you had a 5hr window before the storm comes, the annual scramble has to be played.

Is it Sat. yet? Nothing better then waiting for this to be heard after the indy match play is over.

And Stew is now on the clock, and with his 1st pick he has taken ???????

R “you should cancel indy for a all day scramble” T

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Final “need to knows” for the 2014 President’s Cup

Only 7 days away!

Everybody needs to check in, even if you have already paid in full.

Checking in:

  • Check-in is done at the main Breezy Point Lodge.
  • You will get a card that is for golf at Deacon’s, breakfast at the Deacon’s clubhouse and lunch at the turn all for for Saturday
  • We have two cabins.  The plan is to have each team take a cabin.
  • We can call a shuttle to bring us from the cabins to the Lodge to visit the Breezy Bar.  There is also the Commander and Prime Time very close by.


  • The charter bus will be at the cabins at 7:45am for a departure of 8:00.  It’s approximately at 30 minute ride to Golden Eagle.  1st tee time is at 9:00am.
  • The bus is already paid for including tip.
  • Most of you have already paid for your Gambling Bundle.  The Commissioner of Gaming will award your winnings at the end of each day.  This gets you into plenty of on-course gaming ($1560 is up for grabs) for the weekend.
  • You still need to pay for your two rounds at Golden Eagle.  Pay all at once, $115 w/cart and range balls.
  • There isn’t a beverage cart at Golden Eagle (not sure why) they do have coolers and you do get close enough to the clubhouse on the front 9 around hole #2 green, #3 tee and #5 fairway so you can restock on the front 9.  Otherwise it is stock up at the turn and hold on.  12-pack each cart, each 9 may be the trick.
  • Matches will be set up on http://www.scrolf.com for the weekends events.  Please make sure that at least one person in each group is taking part in scoring.
  • The bus will arrive back at Golden Eagle at approximately 8:45pm to take us back to the cabin’s.  Each team should be prepared to set individual matchups on the bus, just in case the mood strikes, otherwise we will set them back at the cabins.

imagejpeg_2_3 (2)


  • First tee time is 10:00am at Deacon’s Lodge.
  • The winning team, as always get $40 per player.  So the player you play against in the individual match is who you will pay if your team loses.
  • Drunken Scramble follows for those interested at approximately 4:30pm, with 4 additional tee times, if more people choose to play they will accomodate us.  The cost will be an additional $45 for a 9 hole or $65 for a 18 hole scramble.
  • 20140304_214025-1
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2014 President’s Cup Gaming Bundle

2014 gambling bundle

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Quick Player Updates

Stew – Enjoys himself some Target Field goodies.  Oh and by the way, he got some new irons so watch out for all of that.  He is also turning any Prezzy Cup email chain into his own personal Amazon.  So if you need some golf shoes, a timing belt for a 93 Corolla or a new patio furniture set let him know.


Hoss – We all know he has several businesses but I think this one will catch you by surprise.  And no it doesn’t server hamburgers.  Mr. Gadget is also going to be sporting some new Google Glass on the golf course this year.


Melling – This guys enjoys golf, even though he isn’t any good.  Even when he is dressed like this below or soaked head to toe like last Prezzy Cup.  He’s only won this damn contest once and keeps coming back.  He’s dedicated, but most likely just crazy.


Jozef – Back after a 2 year hiatus of using his many skills elsewhere.  Below is a picture of him keeping the kids entertained with some magic late into the night at a wedding.  He’s looking for a little magic on the par-3′s soon.


CJ – He has been hitting the autograph circuit signing copies of his ’87 Donruss Rated Rookie.  Not sure if he’s had much time for golf.  He’ll be ready to tee off when the alarm goes off on Friday morning.


Witt – The former Angels pitcher is enjoying retirement – playing golf, hiking and taking in central Minnesota.  The middle rotation starter and newcomer will be trying to impress all this Prezzy Cup.



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